Using Data Connectors with the Docker Image

Available file systems can be configured via the enabled_file_systems property. Note that each property must be prepended with DRIVERLESS_AI_ For example:

nvidia-docker run \
  --pid=host \
  --init \
  --rm \
  --shm-size=256m \
  -u `id -u`:`id -g` \
  -p 12345:12345 \
  -e DRIVERLESS_AI_ENABLED_FILE_SYSTEMS="file,s3,hdfs,gcs,gbq,kdb,minio,snow" \
  -v `pwd`/data:/data \
  -v `pwd`/log:/log \
  -v `pwd`/license:/license \
  -v `pwd`/tmp:/tmp \

The sections that follow shows examples describing how to use environment variables to enable HDFS, S3, Google Cloud Storage, Google Big Query, kdb+, Minio, and Snowflake data sources.