Linux Docker Images

To simplify local installation, Driverless AI is provided as a Docker image for the following OS-Driver-Container combinations:

Host OS Host Driver Container
Ubuntu 16.04 or later X86_64 Cuda9.0, Cuda9.2
RHEL or CentOS 7.4 or later X86_64 Cuda9.0, Cuda9.2
NVIDIA DGX Registry    

Note: Cuda9.2 requires NVIDIA drivers >= 396.

For the best performance, including GPU support, use nvidia-docker. For a lower-performance experience without GPUs, use regular docker (with the same docker image).

These installation steps assume that you have a license key for Driverless AI. For information on how to obtain a license key for Driverless AI, visit Once obtained, you will be promted to paste the license key into the Driverless AI UI when you first log in, or you can save it as a .sig file and place it in the license folder that you will create during the installation process.