Viewing Experiments

The upper-right corner of the Driverless AI UI includes an Experiments link.

Show Experiments link

Click this link to open the Experiments page. From this page, you can rename an experiment, view previous experiments, begin a new experiment, re-run an experiment, and delete an experiment.

View experiments

Rerunning Experiments

To rerun an experiment, or run a new experiment using an existing experiment’s settings, hover over the experiment that you want to use. A “rerun” icon displays. Clicking this icon opens the selected experiment’s settings.

Rerun experiment

From the settings page, you can rerun the experiment using the original settings, or you can specify to use new data and/or specify different experiment settings.

Experiment settings

Deleting Experiments

To delete an experiment, hover over the experiment that you want to delete. An “X” option displays. Click this to delete the experiment. A confirmation message will display asking you to confirm the delete. Click OK to delete the experiment or Cancel to return to the experiments page without deleting.

Delete experiment