Viewing Explanations

Note: Not all explanatory functionality is available for multinomial classification scenarios.

Driverless AI provides easy-to-read explanations for a completed model. You can view these by clicking the Explanations button on the Model Interpretation page. Note that this button is only available for completed experiments. Click Close when you are done to return to the Model Interpretations page.

The UI allows you to view global, cluster-specific, and local reason codes. You can also export the explanations to CSV.

  • Global Reason Codes: To view global reason codes, select the Global from the Cluster dropdown.
Global Plot

With Global selected, click the Explanations button beside the Cluster dropdown.

Global Explanations
  • Cluster Reason Codes: To view reason codes for a specific cluster, select a cluster from the Cluster dropdown.
Cluster Plot

With a cluster selected, click the Explanations button.

Cluster Reason Codes
  • Local Reason Codes: To view local reason codes, select a point on the graph or type a value in the Value field.

    Select a value

    With a value selected, click the Explanations button.

    Local Reason Codes