Before You Begin the Installation

General Information

Please review the following information before you begin installing Enterprise Steam.

  • A Hadoop admin is needed for the install in order to change the core-site.xml configuration.
  • Admins should verify whether their Hadoop environment requires sudo. If it does, then users must have a root password/root access.
  • This installation creates a SQLite database.
  • The installation creates a new system user called “steam”.
  • Enteprise Steam requires any two ports to be open before installation. Ports used by Enterprise Steam are not automatically opened via firewall. Follow your regular process for opening ports for Enterprise Steam.
  • If configuring LDAP, be sure that you have a good understanding of LDAP groups in order to get the LDAP connection strings to be configured in the Steam UI.
  • Keep the LDAP authentication certificate, if that exists in your enterprise.