The Configurations page allows Enterprise Steam Admins to add, edit, and deactivate users and roles. Users can be added either individually using the Enterprise Steam SQLite database or through an existing LDAP directory.

Note: Only Admins have access to the Configurations page.

Configurations page

The Configurations page consists of the following tabs.

  • The Users tab shows the current list of users and their assigned role(s).
  • The Roles tab provides a table of the permissions assigned to each role.
  • The Profiles tab allow you to define the size of clusters, the minimum and maximum memory, and the number of cores, threads, and queues for the profile.
  • The Authentication tab allows you to connect Enterprise Steam to your current user database.
  • The Licensing tab provides information on your Enterprise Steam License.
  • The YARN tab allows you to enter YARN configuration settings that will apply when users launch new clusters.
  • The Engines tab allows you to add a manager file and H2O engines.
  • The Spark tab allows you to enable Spark and provide paths to your Spark home directory, Hadoop configuration directory, and Java 8 home directory.
  • The Driverless AI tab allows you to enable and configure Driverless AI instance and server management in Enterprise Steam.
  • The Token tab allows you to create your own personal access tokens for use in scripts and on the command line.

Each of these tabs is described in greater detail in the sections that follow.