The Engines tab allows you to upload h2o-3 drivers and Sparkling Water drivers and optionally tie the Enterprise Steam environment to a Steam Hadoop helper file. Once added, these drivers (engines) will be available for Enterprise Steam users.

  1. On your local machine, download the h2odriver from the H2O Download page. Be sure to select the version that corresponds with your version of Hadoop. For example:
wget http://h2o-release.s3.amazonaws.com/h2o/rel-xia/4/h2o-
  1. You can also optionally download a new Steam Helper file from the H2O Download page Steam Manager (Hadoop Helper) tab. For example:
wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/steam-release/enterprise-steam/steam-hadoop-helper/1.1.0/steam-hadoop-helper-hadoop2.4-1.1.0.jar
  1. Navigate to the Configurations > Engines tab.
Engines tab
  1. If you downloaded a new Steam Helper in step 2, then you can upload the new manager file here. The manager file is the Steam Hadoop helper, which is used to prevent clusters from using impersonation. This can be deleted after being added.
  2. Browse to and select the H2O driver that you want to add.
  3. Optionally browse and select the Sparkling Water driver that you want to add. Note that the Sparkling Water driver can only be used if Spark is enabled. (See the Spark section for more information.)

Upon completion, the new driver(s) will appear on this page and will be available when launching a new cluster.

You can delete drivers from this page by selecting the trashcan icon beside the driver that you want to remove.