Adding an H2O DriverΒΆ

This section describes how Admins can H2O drivers into their Enterprise Steam environment. Once added, these drivers will be available to all Enterprise Steam standard users (or any user who has View Engine permissions).


  • Only Admins can upload H2O drivers.
  • Admins can add H2O drivers with or without launching a new cluster.
  1. On your local machine, download the h2odriver from the H2O Download page. Be sure to select the version that corresponds with your version of Hadoop. For example:
  1. In the Enterprise Steam UI, navigate to the Clusters page and select Launch New Cluster. If you want to launch a new cluster, the enter the steps below. Once added, other Enterprise Steam users will be able to connect to this cluster. Note that H2O drivers can be added without creating a new cluster.
  • Cluster Name: Specify a name for this cluster.
  • Number of Nodes: Specify the number of nodes for the cluster.
  • Memory per Node (in GB): Specify the amount of memory that should be available on each node.
  • YARN Queue: If your cluster contains queues for allocating cluster resources, specify the queue for this cluster. Note that the YARN Queue cannot contain spaces.
  1. In the H2O Version section, click the Please select an engine dropdown.

  2. Click the Browse button, and navigate to the H2O driver that you just downloaded. Note that this button is only available to Admins.

    Upload Engine

A message will display indicating that the engine was successfully uploaded.