Starting Enterprise Steam

  1. Start Enterprise Steam by running the following command on your YARN edge node.
sudo service steam start
  1. (Optional) Check the log file to verify that Enterprise Steam starts correctly:
sudo cat /var/log/steam.log

At this point, you can open a Chrome browser and navigate to your Hadoop edge node (where Enterprise Steam is currently running). For example, https://<hadoop-edge-node>:9000. Note that in your browser, you may be required to authenticate using the Administrator username and password that you created during the installation process.

Welcome page

Welcome page

Uploading a License File

A license is required in order to run Enterprise Steam. The first time you log in to Enterprise Steam, a message will display in the upper-left corner prompting you to enter your license key. This license is obtained from H2O Sales.

  1. Click the “Please updated your license” link in the upper-left corner to jump to the Configurations > Licensing page.
  2. Click the Browse button, and navigate to your Enterprise Steam license file.
Uploading a license

Upload a license