The Users tab shows all current Enterprise Steam users. This section describes how to add, edit, and deactivate users.

Adding Users

Admins can add users into the Enterprise Steam SQLite database from within the UI.

  1. At the top of the Configurations page, click the Create User button.
Create users button
  1. Username: Enter the name of the user. Note that the name must match with a username in your YARN system.
  2. Password/Confirm Password: Specify and confirm a password for the user.
  3. Role: Specify the role(s) for this user. Note that Enterprise Steam ships with two default roles: admin and standard user.
  4. Cluster Profile: Specify the cluster profile that this user will be part of. Note that Enterprise Steam ships with a default cluster profile.
  5. Click Create User when you are done.
Create user

Upon successful completion, the new user will appear in the list of Enterprise Steam users.

Editing Users

This section describes how to edit a user’s role.

On the Users tab, click the Edit link beside the user you want to edit. This opens the Edit User Details form. Change the user’s roles or cluster profile. You can also specify an authentication type of LDAP, Local, or SAML. Click Confirm when you are done.

Edit user

Note: A message will display in the UI if you remove all roles from a user.

Resetting a User’s Password

If a user is added with Local Authentication, then admins can reset the user’s password by clicking the Reset Local Password link for the desired user. A new password will display at the top of the screen for approximately 5 seconds. This new password should then be provided to the user so that he/she can log in to Enterprise Steam. Note that this option is not available for users added with LDAP or SAML authentication.

Reset user's password

Deactivating/Reactivating Users

On the Users tab, click the Deactivate Steam User link for the user whose Enterprise Steam access you want to revoke. Click Reactivate Steam User to once again grant access for that user.

Deactivate/reactivate user