A YARN tab is available for Enterprise Steam customers that want to control the way that users launch new clusters, whether it is specifying a YARN queue or limiting the number of nodes that a user can create when launching a new cluster.

Adding a New YARN Config Entry

Perform the following steps to add a new config entry.

Note: Use caution when adding a new config entry. These values are currently not validated, and incorrect entries will result in a failure on cluster launch.

  1. Name: Specify a valid config name. This name must be a valid Hadoop launch parameter (such as network, driverif, driverport, nodes, etc.)
  2. Value: Specify a value for the config. This value must correspond to the name. For example, you cannot enter an IP address if the new entry is for nodes.
  3. Priority: Specify whether this configuration will act as a default or whether this will override any values that the user sets.
  4. Type: Specify whether this entry is a Hadoop type (passed directly to the YARN command line) or an H2O Driver type (specifying how Enterprise Steam will run).
  5. Click Add Entry when you are done. The new entry will display on this page. Repeat these steps to add additional YARN config entries.
YARN config entry

Updating a YARN Config Entry

On the YARN tab, enter new values in the entry that you want to update, then click the Update Entry button.

Update YARN config entry

Deleting a YARN Config Entry

On the YARN tab, click the Remove Entry button below the entry that you want to remove.

Delete YARN config entry