DAI Instances

The DAI Instances page shows all available Driverless AI instances that are available in your environment. Note that this page is only available if it was enabled by the administrator.

Driverless AI Instances page

Adding a Driverless AI Instance

  1. Click the Launch Instance button.
  2. Specify a unique name for this instance.
  3. Select the Driverless AI version. (Note that this list is maintained by the Admin.)
  4. Specify the maximum amount of time (in seconds) to wait for a server before timing out.
  5. Select the profile to associate with this instance. (Note that this list is maintained by the Admin.) If the profile includes configuration overrides, then that information will be included in the Configuration section.
  6. Click Launch instance to create the instance.
Launch DAI instance

Stopping a Driverless AI Instance

You can stop a running Driverless AI instance by clicking on Actions > Stop beside the instance that you want to stop.

Stop Driverless AI instance