What is H2O?

H2O is fast, scalable, open-source machine learning and deep learning for Smarter Applications. With H2O, enterprises like PayPal, Nielsen Catalina, Cisco and others can use all of their data without sampling and get accurate predictions faster. Advanced algorithms, like Deep Learning, Boosting, and Bagging Ensembles are readily available for application designers to build smarter applications through elegant APIs. Some of our earliest customers have built powerful domain-specific predictive engines for Recommendations, Customer Churn, Propensity to Buy, Dynamic Pricing and Fraud Detection for the Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, AdTech, Retail and Payment Systems.

Using in-memory compression techniques, H2O can handle billions of data rows in-memory, even with a fairly small cluster. The platform includes interfaces for R, Python, Scala, Java, JSON and Coffeescript/JavaScript, along with a built-in web interface, Flow, that make it easier for non-engineers to stitch together complete analytic workflows. The platform was built alongside (and on top of) both Hadoop and Spark Clusters and is typically deployed within minutes.

H2O implements almost all common machine learning algorithms, such as generalized linear modeling (linear regression, logistic regression, etc.), Naïve Bayes, principal components analysis, time series, k-means clustering, and others. H2O also implements best-in-class algorithms such as Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, and Deep Learning at scale. Customers can build thousands of models and compare them to get the best prediction results.

H2O is nurturing a grassroots movement of physicists, mathematicians, computer and data scientists to herald the new wave of discovery with data science. Academic researchers and Industrial data scientists collaborate closely with our team to make this possible. Stanford university giants Stephen Boyd, Trevor Hastie, Rob Tibshirani advise the H2O team to build scalable machine learning algorithms. With 100s of meetups over the past two years, H2O has become a word-of-mouth phenomenon growing amongst the data community by a 100-fold and is now used by 12,000+ users, deployed in 2000+ corporations using R, Python, Hadoop and Spark.

Try it out

H2O offers an R package that can be installed from CRAN, and a python package that can be installed from PyPI.

H2O can also be downloaded directly from http://h2o.ai/download.

Join the community

Visit the open source community forum at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/h2ostream.

To learn about our meetups, training sessions, hackathons, and product updates, visit http://h2o.ai.