Create Target Encoding Map

h2o.target_encode_fit(frame, x, y, fold_column = NULL)



An H2OFrame object with which to create the target encoding map.


List of categorical column names or indices that we want apply target encoding to. Case when item in the list is a list of multiple columns itself is not supported for now.


The name or column index of the response variable in the frame.


(Optional) The name or column index of the fold column in the frame.


Returns an object containing the target encoding mapping for each column in `x`.


This is an API for a new target encoding implemented in JAVA.

Creates a target encoding map based on group-by columns (`x`) and binary target column (`y`). Computing target encoding for high cardinality categorical columns can improve performance of supervised learning models.

See also

h2o.target_encode_transform for applying the target encoding mapping to a frame.