Provided Primitives

The Sparkling Water provides following primitives, which are the basic classes used by Spark components:


Implementation class


H2O context


H2O Context that holds state and provides primitives to transfer RDD/DataFrames/Datasets into H2OFrame and vice versa. It follows design principles of Spark primitives such as SparkSession, SparkContext and SQLContext.

H2O entry point


Represents the entry point for for accessing H2O services. It holds information about the actual H2O cluster, including a list of nodes and the status of distributed K/V datastore.

H2O H2OFrame


H2OFrame is the H2O data structure that represents a table of values. The table is column-based and provides column and row accessors.

H2O Algorithms

package hex

Represents the H2O machine learning algorithms library, including, for example, DeepLearning, GBM or RandomForest.