Build Sparkling Water

Download and install Spark, and point the environment variable SPARK_HOME to the installation path. Then use the provided gradlew to build project.

In order to build the full distribution, run:

./gradlew dist

After this command finishes, the full distribution of Sparkling Water is available at ./dist/build/dist directory.

  • To avoid running tests, use the -x check option.

If you don’t want to build executable distribution, but just want to build or test specific modules:

  • To build only a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:build.
  • To build and test a specific module, use, for example, ./gradlew :sparkling-water-examples:check.

Note: If you would like to build against custom H2O Python package, specify H2O_HOME environment variable. The variable should point to the root directory of H2O-3 repository. This is mainly used for integration testing with H2O-3.