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Viewing projects

To view the list of available projects, click Projects in the main navigation. You can switch between grid and list views by clicking either Grid or List.

New project

To view a specific project when using grid view, click View Project. To view a specific project when using the list view, click the name of the project, which appears as a link in the Project Name column.

New project

Understanding the project page

After selecting a specific project to view, the main Projects page is displayed. This page contains an overview and details for the objects within the Project. The dashboard at the top provides information on the following:

  • Total Deployments: The total number of deployments that are currently running across all environments.
  • Deployed Model Versions: The total number of models that have been deployed, including multiple models in a single deployment (that is, A/B Test or Champion/Challenger).
  • Registered Model Versions: The total number of experiments that have been registered as a model or model version.
  • Experiment Count: The total number of experiments that have been imported to MLOps, either through Driverless AI or through third-party model support.

    Project details

In addition to the preceding information, the project page also contains three separate tabs from which you can take further actions:

  • Deployments: View a list of deployments associated with the project and create new deployments.

  • Models: View a list of models and its associated model versions within the project.

  • Experiments: This tab contains a list of experiments associated with the project. You can also add experiments to an MLOps project from this tab. For more information on experiments in MLOps, see Understanding experiments in MLOps.

    Project tabs