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AI unit alerting

This section sends an email notification to the selected users if the percentage of the usage of AI units in your H2O AI Managed Cloud (HAMC) environment exceeds the threshold that you set.

Click AI unit alerting on the left-navigation bar or click Visit on your Dashboard, to access the subsection.

admin center dashboard

The first sub-section of this screen includes all the settings for managing AI unit consumption alerts.

manage alert settings

  • Alert time: Allows the admins to set a scheduled alert time within their time zone. If yesterday's AI unit consumption exceeds the threshold value, the selected users will receive a usage alert email at the scheduled time.


    The default time zone displayed on the AI Unit Alerting page is "UTC". To change the time zone, reset the parameter values on the page.

  • AI unit consumption threshold: The admins can set the threshold value through the slider.

  • Alert receivers: Allows the admins to select alert receivers from the email list, which contains the email addresses of all users and admins of the application.

    alert receivers

The alert summary section displays a summary of all the updates you made in the alert settings section.