Starting Puddle at H2O

Sign in to your Puddle account at The home page displays and shows any current systems. From this page, you can create a new Driverless AI and/or H2O-3 system.

Home page

Puddle Account Options

Clicking on your user name on the Puddle page provides several additional options:

  • SSH key: Download the SSH key that can be used for accessing any running Driverless AI or H2O-3 systems.

  • Disable IP Security: Puddle at H2O provides IP-based security. When you log in, Puddle retrieves your IP address and creates a personal security group that only allows your IP address to access it. Note that this means that if your IP address changes (for example, if you move your laptop to a different location resulting in an update to your IP address), then you must log in to Puddle again. This option allows you to disable IP security. Use caution when disabling IP security. Disabling security will allows connections from any IP address to all of your systems. If you select this option, you will be prompted to confirm the disable.

  • Edit: This option allows you to change your password.

  • Sign out: Signs you out of Puddle. CAUTION: Signing out does not stop running systems.

    Account options