The Interpreted Models Page

Click the MLI link in the upper-right corner of the UI to view a list of interpreted models.

Interpreted Models page

You can sort this page by Name, Target, Model, Dataset, N-Folds, Feature Set, Cluster Col, LIME Method, Status, or ETA/Runtime. You can also use the search bar to locate a specific interpreted model. To specify which columns are visible on this page, click the top right-most column, then select Visible Columns.

Sort Interpreted Models

Click the right-most column of an interpreted model to view an additional menu. This menu allows you to open, rename, or delete the interpretation.

MLI model options

Note: Driverless AI version 1.9 features a redesigned MLI page for interpreted models. To view the legacy version of an interpreted model’s MLI page, select Open Legacy from the menu.

Click on an interpreted model to view the MLI page for that interpretation. The MLI page that displays will vary depending on whether the experiment was a regular experiment or a time series experiment.