Monitoring Pending Jobs

Driverless AI features a Pending Jobs panel that lets you monitor the progress of various long-running jobs that can be started from the Completed Experiment Page page. To view this panel, click the group of square icons located in the upper-right corner.

Pending Jobs Panel

The following jobs are monitored in this panel:

  • Create AutoDoc

  • Create MOJO Scoring Pipeline

  • Create Python Scoring Pipeline

  • Create Test Set Predictions

  • Create Training Predictions

  • Score Model

  • Transform Data

The circular icon next to the description of a pending job indicates its status:







Ongoing Job


Navigate to a completed job by clicking the Open icon. You can also clear a completed job from the panel by clicking Remove or cancel an ongoing job by clicking Abort.

Note: Certain jobs cannot be cancelled.

View Job

Failed Jobs

If a job fails, you can review the logs associated with that job type to determine what caused the failure. Refer to the Driverless AI logs section for more information.

Failed Job