The Configurations page allows Enterprise Steam Admins to perform a complete setup of Enterprise Steam. To change the server startup settings that cannot be changed in the UI, see the Server configuration section.

Note: Only Admins have access to the Configurations page.

Some changes require Enterprise Steam to be restarted. In that case, the configurations page will shows a banner. See the Restarting Enterprise Steam section on how to restart Enterprise Steam.

Configurations page

The Configurations page consists of the following sections.


  • Access Control

  • Set the system-wide Authentication method

  • Create or retrieve a token for use in scripts and on the command line

  • Add/edit users

  • Add/edit roles

  • Add/edit profiles

  • Steam Configuration

  • Upload your license and review your license information

  • Configure security

  • Configure logging

  • Import or export current configuration


  • Hadoop

  • Configure the Hadoop backend to enable H2O and Sparkling Water clusters

  • Kubernetes

  • Configure the Kubernetes backend to enable the Driverless AI instance.

  • Configure Kubernetes volume mounts.

  • Configure connection to HDFS and Hive from Kubernetes.

  • Configure connection to remote Minio

  • Configure connection to Storage


  • H2O

  • Configure H2O, H2O backend, H2O engines, etc..

  • Sparkling Water

  • Configure Sparkling Water, Sparkling Water backend, Sparkling Water engines, etc..

  • Driverless AI

  • Configure Driverless AI, Driverless AI backend, Driverless AI engines, etc..

Each of these sections is described in greater detail in the topics that follow.