Enterprise Steam User GuideΒΆ

Enterprise Steam is a service for securely managing and connecting to H2O, Sparkling Water and Driverless AI on Hadoop and Kubernetes. Enterprise Steam offers security, resource control, and resource monitoring out of the box in a multi-tenant architecture so that organizations can focus on the core of their data science practice. Enterprise Steam enables streamlined adoption of H2O.ai products in a secure manner that complies with company policies.

For data scientists, Enterprise Steam provides easy Python, R and Web clients for managing clusters and instances. It allows data scientists to practice data science in their own H2O/Sparkling Water cluster and Driverless AI instance.

For administrators, Enterprise Steam provides control over which product versions and compute resources are available.

This document is intended for users and it describes how to use Enterprise Steam. Note that this document assumes that Enterprise Steam is successfully installed using the instructions provided in the Enterprise Steam Installation and Setup steps.

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