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Access H2O Model Security


You can access H2O Model Security through an instance that you can create on the H2O AI Cloud (HAIC). To access H2O Model Security:

Step 1: Access HAIC

Access your H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) account.

Step 2: Search H2O Model Security

  1. In HAIC, click APP STORE.
  2. In the HAIC search bar, search H2O Model Security.
  3. Select the H2O Model Security tile. Details about H2O Model Security appear.


Step 3: Run H2O Model Security

  1. To start a H2O Model Security instance, click Run.


Step 4: Access instance

Now, the H2O AI Cloud is starting an instance of H2O Model Security for you. While you have a starting/running instance, the Run button will change its name to Visit.

  1. To open H2O Model Security in a new tab, click Visit.


  • The latest version of H2O Model Security is preselected.
  • In the H2O Model Security instance, several items will be installed. Right after, you will be able to use H2O Model Security. All items are automatically installed when you start an instance.

Pause or terminate instance

You can pause or terminate an instance of H2O Model Security.

  • Pause: Pausing an instance reduces computational resources (and is less expensive). In other words, the cost of having an instance decreases.
  • Terminate: Terminating an instance deletes the instance permanently.

Customers pay for H2O AI Cloud via AI Units so that as you consume more resources, you pay more.

You can Pause an instance in the app details page:

  1. In the app details page, click the My instances tab.
  2. Locate the instance you want to pause.
  3. Click Pause.
  4. Pause

You can also Pause an instance in the My Instances page:

  1. In the H2O AI Cloud menu, click My Instances.
  2. Locate the instance you want to pause.
  3. Click Pause.
  4. Pause