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H2O AI Cloud

Find guides, API references, tutorials, and more.



Basic information about H2O AI Cloud overall

Platform Guides

Guides spanning multiple components of H2O AI Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Guides for H2O AI Hybrid Cloud


H2O Hydrogen Torch

Training and deployment of deep neural networks for computer vision (images) and natural language.

H2O Document AI

Automates document processing and extracts hidden insights from unstructured data.


An open source machine learning and predictive analytics platform for building and productionalizing models.


H2O AI Feature Store

Easy access to curated features and related metadata.

AI Engine Manager

Managing the lifecycle of AI Engines.

Enterprise Steam

Access the right tool for building the right ML model.


Open, interoperable platform for model deployment, management, governance, and monitoring.

H2O eScorer

Productionize your machine learning models on H2O AI Cloud.


AI App Store

Seamless development and execution of low-code applications with tight HAIC integrations.

H2O Wave

Build and deploy amazing, realtime analytics with dramatically less effort.

Core Applications

H2O Provides several Wave applications that are tightly integrated within HAIC and serve as good examples of what can be achieved.