Installing the R Client

The R Client is available on the Driverless AI UI and from the command line. The installation process includes downloading the R client and then installing the source package.


The R client requires R version 3.3 or greater. In addition, the following R packages must be installed:

  • Rcurl

  • jsonlite

  • rlang

  • methods

Download the R Client

The R Client can be downloaded from within Driverless AI or from the command line.

Download from UI

On the Driverless AI top menu, select the RESOURCES > R CLIENT link. This downloads the dai_<version>.tar.gz file.

Resources dropdown

Download from Command Line

The Driverless AI R client is exposed as the /clients/ HTTP end point. This can be accessed via the command line:

wget --trust-server-names http://<Driverless AI address>/clients/r

Install the Source Package

After you have downloaded the R client, the next step is to install the source package in R. This can be done by running the following command in R.

install.packages('~/Downloads/dai_VERSION.tar.gz', type = 'source', repos = NULL)

After the package is installed, you can run the available dai-tutorial vignette to see an example of how to use the client:

vignette('dai-tutorial', package = 'dai')