Visualizing the Scoring PipelineΒΆ

A visualization of the scoring pipeline is available for each completed experiment.


  • This pipeline is best viewed in the latest version of Chrome.

  • A .png image of this pipeline is available in the AutoDoc and in the file ONLY with the Driverless AI Docker image. For tar, deb, and rpm installs, you must install Graphviz manually in order for the visualization pipeline to be included in the AutoDoc and

The completed experiment menu with the Visualize scoring pipeline option highlighted

To view the visualization, click the Visualize Scoring Pipeline button on the completed experiment page.

Scoring Pipeline Visualization

To view a visual representation of a specific model, click on the oval that corresponds with that model.

Select a model
Model view

To change the orientation of the visualization, click the Transpose button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Transpose pipeline visualization