Changing the Language in the UI

The Driverless AI UI is available in English (default), Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean. This section describes how you can use the app_language config setting/environment variable to change the language of the UI before starting Driverless AI.

When using app_language, the following options can be specified:

  • en: English (default)

  • ja: Japanese

  • cn: Chinese (Simplified)

  • ko: Korean

Changing the Language when Starting the Docker Image

To change the application language in Docker images, specify the APP_LANGUAGE environment variable. Note that this variable must be prepended with DRIVERLESS_AI_.

The following example changes the Driverless AI UI image to Japanese. Replace TAG below with the image tag.

nvidia-docker run \
  --pid=host \
  --init \
  --rm \
  --shm-size=256m \
  -p 12345:12345 \
  -u `id -u`:`id -g` \
  -v `pwd`/data:/data \
  -v `pwd`/log:/log \
  -v `pwd`/license:/license \
  -v `pwd`/tmp:/tmp \

Changing the Language with Native Installs

Native installs include DEBs, RPMs, and TAR SH installs. The example below shows how to use the app_language configuration option in the config.toml file to change the language to Japanese.

  1. Export the Driverless AI config.toml file or add it to ~/.bashrc. For example:

# DEB and RPM
export DRIVERLESS_AI_CONFIG_FILE="/etc/dai/config.toml"

export DRIVERLESS_AI_CONFIG_FILE="/path/to/your/unpacked/dai/directory/config.toml"
  1. Open the config.toml file and edit the app_language variable. The config.toml file is available in the etc/dai folder after the RPM or DEB is installed.

# Default application language - options are 'en', 'ja', 'cn', 'ko'
app_language = "ja"
  1. Start (or restart) Driverless AI. Note that the command used to start Driverless AI varies depending on your install type.

# Linux RPM or DEB with systemd
sudo systemctl start dai

# Linux RPM or DEB without systemd
sudo -H -u dai /opt/h2oai/dai/

# Linux TAR SH
Localized UI