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Version: v1.2.0

What is H2O Hydrogen Torch?

H2O Hydrogen Torch is an application that allows novice and expert data scientists to build deep learning models for a large set of diverse problem types in computer vision, natural language, and audio. No code is required.

H2O Hydrogen Torch enables you to generate good models with default hyperparameter values derived from best model training practices used by top Kaggle grandmasters. In addition, you can tune default hyperparameter values to obtain the best state-of-the-art deep learning models. Simple and interactive charts in H2O Hydrogen Torch allow you to understand the impact of selected hyperparameter values on the training process. For model deployment, you can deploy built models in the H2O Hydrogen Torch UI, external Python environments, or directly to H2O MLOps.

H2O Hydrogen Torch optimizes and simplifies training deep learning models by streamlining the training process.