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Build - Deploy - Share

Supercharge your Wave apps

App Store

Discover and run and third-party apps from the App Store.

Power of Kubernetes

Leverage the full power of standard Kubernetes APIs, including GPUs and persistence, and easily integrate into existing environments.

State-of-the-Art AI Tools

Supercharge your Wave apps via deep integration with state-of-the-art AI tools, such as H2O, Driverless AI, or MLOps.

Simple Abstractions

No deep Kubernetes/YAML knowledge required. Publish and deploy Wave apps with a single command.

Easy Sharing

Easily share apps within your business and collaborate within apps.

Faster Time to Market

Train models and immediately use them in interactive web applications for rapid prototyping and sharing with end users.

Brings the stakeholders together.

Brings the stakeholders together.

Backed by the power of H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, the App Store is the one place for data scientists, data engineers, application developers and end-users to collaboratively develop, deploy, and share analytical Wave applications.

Born cloud native for public and hybrid cloud.

Born cloud native for public and hybrid cloud.

The AI App Store is designed from the ground up to be Kubernetes-native. It leverages the power and scale of Kubernetes, together with other industry-standard cloud-scale APIs, to manage Wave apps at scale in your environment, whether it is on a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Provides turnkey AI Infrastructure.

Provides turnkey AI Infrastructure.

The AI App Store provides all the building blocks and integrations necessary to develop and deploy analytical applications. Building on the capabilities of the H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, it combines data connectors, automatic machine learning, model management and rapid web application development into a single, scalable platform with a coherent, end-to-end API.

Allows running apps at scale with sharing in mind.

Allows running apps at scale with sharing in mind.

No need to develop complex multi-user, always-on web services to deliver business value. Just take your ideas from scripts and Jupyter notebooks and easily turn them into responsive web apps that are instantly accessible to every stakeholder in your company. Let the AI App Store handle the scaling and even facilitate sharing and in-app collaboration for you.