Local Authentication ExampleΒΆ

This section describes how to enable local authentication in Driverless AI.

To enable authentication in Docker images, specify the authentication environment variable that you want to use. Each variable must be prepended with DRIVERLESS_AI_. The example below starts Driverless AI with environment variables the enable the following:

  • Local authentication when starting Driverless AI

  • S3 and HDFS access (without authentication)

              nvidia-docker run \
                  --pid=host \
                  --init \
                  --rm \
                  --shm-size=2g --cap-add=SYS_NICE --ulimit nofile=131071:131071 --ulimit nproc=16384:16384 \
                  -p 12345:12345 \
                  -u `id -u`:`id -g` \
                  -e DRIVERLESS_AI_ENABLED_FILE_SYSTEMS="file,s3,hdfs" \
                  -e DRIVERLESS_AI_AUTHENTICATION_METHOD="local" \
                  -e DRIVERLESS_AI_LOCAL_HTPASSWD_FILE="<htpasswd_file_location>" \
                  -v `pwd`/data:/data \
                  -v `pwd`/log:/log \
                  -v `pwd`/license:/license \
                  -v `pwd`/tmp:/tmp \