Docker Image InstallationΒΆ

This section provides instructions for installing the Driverless AI Docker image.

For instructions on installing Driverless AI in native Linux environments, refer to Native Installation.

Note that from version 1.10, DAI Docker image runs with internal tini that is equivalent to using --init from Docker. If both are enabled in the launch command, tini prints a (harmless) warning message. For GPU users, as GPU needs --pid=host for nvml, which makes tini not use pid=1, so it will show the warning message (still harmless).

We recommend --shm-size=2g --cap-add=SYS_NICE --ulimit nofile=131071:131071 --ulimit nproc=16384:16384 in Docker launch command. But if user plans to build image auto model extensively, then --shm-size=4g is recommended for Driverless AI Docker command.