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Access Enterprise h2oGPTe


You can utilize Enterprise h2oGPTe through your H2O Generative AI app store account, with access available at a freemium tier.


The freemium version of Enterprise h2oGPTe is designed for users who want to explore the product's comprehensive feature set without committing to a paid subscription. This tier grants full access to the product's functionalities but with certain limitations focusing on sharing capabilities and resource utilization.

In the freemium version, users are restricted from sharing Collections or Chats. Additionally, there are defined thresholds for the volume/number of Collections, Documents, and Chats that can be created, as well as usage constraints on Large Language Models (LLMs).

It's important to note that the freemium version operates on infrastructure that may exhibit slightly reduced performance compared to the premium version. This may make it less suitable for high-throughput operations or large-scale projects where performance is critical. However, for individual endeavors or small-scale projects where performance is not a top priority, the freemium version remains a cost-effective and accessible solution.

To upgrade Enterprise h2oGPTe, please get in touch with


The following steps describe how to access Enterprise h2oGPTe:

  1. Access your H2O Generative AI app store account.
  2. In the What do you want to search? box, enter:
    Enterprise h2oGPTe
  3. Click the Enterprise h2oGPTe card.