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Version: v1.1.7

Key terms

h2oGPTe uses several key terms across its documentation, and each, in turn, is explained on this page.


A Collection refers to a group of related documents.


A Job refers to a currently crawling or indexing activity.


A Document refers to one of your imported files to h2oGPTe (for example, a PDF or web page).


A Chat refers to questions asked to a Collection in h2oGPTe.

Chatting with a Collection lets you ask h2oGPTe questions about the Document(s) in the Collection. When you ask a question about the Document(s), h2oGPTe crawls through the indexed Document(s) in the Collection to find relevant content to answer the question while utilizing the H2O LLM to summarize a concise question response.


An application programming interface (API) key is a unique identifier to authenticate to the h2oGPTe API.