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What is H2O Document AI?

H2O Document AI is an H2O AI Cloud (HAIC) engine that lets you build accurate AI models that:

  • Classify documents
  • Extract text, tables, and images from documents
  • Group, label, and refine extracted information from documents

H2O Document AI supports various documents and use cases to help organizations understand, process, and manage large amounts of unstructured data. Upload your documents to H2O Document AI using the H2O Document AI web interface (in HAIC) or API. H2O Document AI allows you to handle a wide variety of documents, including:

  • Image scans (faxes in PDF or other formats, pictures with text, and non-editable forms)
  • Documents with embedded text that have text and layout metadata (PDF docs, Word docs, HTML pages)
  • Documents with regular text “left to right/top to bottom” (CSVs, emails, editable forms)

H2O Document AI uses a combination of:

  • Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), which leverages learning algorithms for generalizable character and word recognition,
  • Document layout understanding, and
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) to develop highly accurate models rapidly.

Benefits of H2O Document AI

H2O Document AI is designed to help organizations automate document processes and find insights throughout their large volume of documents. As a result, H2O Document AI:

  • Frees up teams to do higher-value work activities
  • Provides relief to users, analysts, and managers by increasing efficiency while reducing redundancies
  • Allows the enterprise to go beyond OCR-based template methods and RPA-based memorization efforts, which are not scalable as the variety and volume of documents changes
  • Enables organizations to focus on quicker time to value primary users and secondary consumers by focusing on developing applications and more rapid integrations using highly accurate extracted information and knowledge (as opposed to updating rules, re-automating template management, and moving documents)


Automatically learns and trains models

H2O Document AI combines Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and layout intelligence to automatically learn and train models.

Generates highly accurate results fast

H2O Document AI generates highly accurate results fast. Designed with the experience of top Kaggle grandmasters and a diverse set of customers, H2O Document AI uses a combination of intelligent character recognition (ICR) and natural language processing (NLP) as well as optical character recognition (OCR).

Integrates with existing applications and workflows

With the H2O Document AI REST API, H2O Document AI easily integrates with existing applications and workflows. In particular, the REST API can process documents and train and score models. Scoring outputs from H2O Document AI are flat JSON files you can access via the REST API.

Integrates with H2O Wave for custom H2O Document AI applications

With the H2O Document AI REST API and H2O Wave, you can develop rapid AI applications to deploy built models in H2O Document AI.