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Version: v1.3.0

View an experiment


At any point during an experiment, H2O Hydrogen Torch offers the ability to view the experiment.


To view a running or completed experiment in H2O Hydrogen Torch:

  1. In the H2O Hydrogen Torch navigation menu, click View experiments.

    In the View experiments card, you can view all completed and running experiments. In particular, you can also view the status of an experiment. See Experiment statuses to learn about experiment statuses.

  2. In the experiments table, click the name of the experiment you want to view.

Experiment statuses

The different experiment statuses are as follows:

  • Running: The experiment is running without any errors
  • Stopped: The experiment was stopped
  • Finished: The experiment was completed successfully
  • Failed: The experiment failed
  • OOM error: The experiment encountered a GPU out of memory error (OOM)

    In an out-of-memory (OOM) error, reduce the batch size, image size, and sequence length, or consider a more lightweight model.

  • Data error: The experiment encountered an error in reading the provided data
  • Metric error: The experiment encountered an error in the metric calculation
  • Augmentations error: The experiment encountered an error in custom augmentations

    An augmentation error occurs if the code snippet shared fails, where the code snippet could either be from the custom train or inference augmentations provided for an experiment.

  • Training error: Infinite loss value (not a number (NaN)) caught during model training. Please, reduce the learning rate, or disable mixed precision. Alternatively, gradient clipping may help stabilize training
  • See logs: The experiment has failed. For the detailed error explanation, please, look at the experiment logs