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Version: v1.2.0

Dataset connectors

H2O Hydrogen Torch provides a number of data connectors to access external data sources. The following data connection types are available:

  • Upload: Standard upload feature

    The following parameter is required:

    • File location
  • AWS S3: Amazon AWS S3

    The following parameters are required:

    • S3 bucket name
    • AWS access key
    • AWS secret key
    • File name
  • Azure data lake: Microsoft Azure Data Lake Gen2

    The following parameters are required:

    • Data lake connection string
    • Data lake container name
    • File name
  • Kaggle: Kaggle datasets

    The following parameters are required:

    • Kaggle API command
    • Kaggle username
    • Kaggle secret key
  • Each data connector requires either a single .csv file or the data to be in a .zip file for a successful import.
  • The format of a dataset differs for different problem types. For more information, see Dataset formats.
  • Before a successful dataset import, you will have to specify a set of dataset settings before the dataset can be used for a given experiment. The required dataset settings will differ upon the structure and content of the dataset. For more information, see Import dataset settings.
  • For the S3 and Kaggle connector, you can save your AWS and Kaggle credentials in your H2O Hydrogen Torch instance to avoid the reenter of often used credentials. For more information, see Settings.