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Version: v0.64.0

View experiments

To view the list of imported experiments, click the Experiments tab.

View experiments

To open the Experiment Details panel, click the name of the experiment you want to view details for.

View experiment details

Understand the Experiment Details panel

The Experiment Details panel contains the following information about the experiment:

  • Experiment name
  • Experiment ID
  • Creation date in Year/Month/Date Time format
  • Model source
  • Owner
  • Model task
  • Training duration
  • Training dataset
  • Testing dataset

To delete the experiment, click the Delete button. A dialog is displayed to confirm the deletion. To proceed, click the Yes, Delete Experiment button.

If the experiment hasn't been registered as a model, you can register the experiment by clicking the Register as Model button. For more details, see Register an experiment as a model.

Also included in the Experiment Details panel are three tabs for Comments, Parameters, and Metadata:

  • Comments: Add and save comments related to the experiment by entering a comment and clicking the Add comment button.

  • Parameters: View a list of parameters for the experiment.

  • Metadata: View metadata related to the experiment.

Experiment Details panel