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Version: v0.14.0

Release notes

v0.14.0 | Jul 15, 2022


  • Better error handling with warning and error banners
  • UI improvements for when reviewing an adversarial similarity validation test
  • The word "Show" in button titles has been replaced with the word "View"

Driverless AI

  • H2O Model Validation now supports connections to Driverless AI 1.10.3 or below


  • Improved test dumping and loading
  • No errors arise now when selecting an experiment without a test dataset


  • Ability to remove datasets and experiments


  • For an adversarial similarity test, IsTest-Probability has been replaced with IsReference-Probability
  • The test manager table columns have been renamed
  • For validation tests, test datasets are now referred as reference datasets
  • It is no longer the case that a validation test triggered from a dataset would appear in the list of tests for the models using this dataset for training