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Version: v0.15.0

Release notes

v0.15.0 | Dec 2, 2022


  • Several user interface (UI) changes have been introduced. Major changes are as follows:
    • New button to visit previous cards
    • The word "Experiments" across the application has been replaced with "Models"
    • Certain menu items in the H2O Model Validation navigation menu have been renamed (for example, "Test manager" > "Tests")
    • New error and warning messages
    • The "View" button has been removed

Validation tests

  • Backtesting
    • Now, you or H2O Model Validation can determine the split dates, which creates the backtesting experiments. To learn more, see Split dates.



  • H2O Model Validation now supports the following file formats: .csv, .gz, .zip, .tar, and .xlsx.
  • H2O Model Validation now prepares a dataset summary for a dataset during the import process.
  • Validation and reference datasets are now referred to as Primary and Secondary Datasets.


  • H2O Model Validation now prepares a model summary for a model during the import process.


  • H2O Model Validation can now detect Driverless AI instances in Enterprise Steam that you can set up as Connections.
  • Connections to Driverless AI (DAI) v1.10.4 or below are now supported.

App settings

  • You can now set your H2O Model Validation instance in a demo mode that enables you to access pre-imported datasets and models. You can also access multiple pre-run validation tests in a demo mode state. To learn more, see Turn on or off demo mode.


  • All new features and settings for v0.15.0 have been documented.