Minio Setup

This section provides instructions for configuring Driverless AI to work with Minio. Note that unlike S3, authentication must also be configured when the Minio data connector is specified.

Minio with Authentication

This example enables the Minio data connector with authentication by passing an endpoint URL, access key ID, and an access key. It also configures Docker DNS by passing the name and IP of the name node. This allows users to reference data stored in Minio directly using the endpoint URL, for example: http://<endpoint_url>/<bucket>/datasets/iris.csv. Replace TAG below with the image tag.

nvidia-docker run \
        --shm-size=256m \
        --add-host name.node: \
        -e DRIVERLESS_AI_ENABLED_FILE_SYSTEMS="file,minio" \
        -e DRIVERLESS_AI_MINIO_ENDPOINT_URL="<endpoint_url>"
        -e DRIVERLESS_AI_MINIO_ACCESS_KEY_ID="<access_key_id>" \
        -e DRIVERLESS_AI_MINIO_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="<access_key>" \
        -p 12345:12345 \
        --init -it --rm \
        -v /tmp/dtmp/:/tmp \
        -v /tmp/dlog/:/log \
        -v /tmp/dlicense/:/license \
        -v /tmp/ddata/:/data \
        -u $(id -u):$(id -g) \