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Version: v1.3.11

Add a Document(s) to a Collection


A Collection can contain multiple Documents. Added documents are indexed and stored in a database. When you ask a question about the Document(s), Enterprise h2oGPTe crawls through the indexed Document(s) in the Collection to find relevant content to answer the question while utilizing the H2O LLM to summarize a concise question response.


To learn how to create a Collection, see Create a Collection.


To add a Document(s) to a Collection, consider the following instructions:

  1. In the Enterprise h2oGPTe navigation menu, click Collections.

  2. In the Collections grid/list, select the name of the Collection you want to add a Document(s).

  3. Click + Add documents.


    You can upload certain text, image, and audio file types to a Collection. To learn more, see Supported file types.

  4. In the Choose method list, select a Document upload method.

    1. In the Choose method list, select Upload documents.
    2. Click Browse....
    3. Upload documents.
  5. (Optional) To create a short summary for the Document to be imported, click the Create short document summaries toggle.


    The created summary for the Document is available when viewing the Document on the Documents page.

  6. (Optional) To create a set of questions for the Document to be imported, click the Create sample questions for documents toggle.


    The questions created are available when chatting with the Collection.

  7. Click Add.

Example (Method: Upload documents)


  • If, after adding a Document(s), you no longer want Enterprise h2oGPTe to crawl or index (Job) the Document(s), you can terminate the Job.
  • If you try to add an empty Document, the indexing of the files will fail. Overall, the Job associated with the Collection will fail.
  • To learn how to Chat with a Collection, see Chat with a Collection.