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Version: v1.4.9

Add a Document(s) to a Collection


A Collection can contain multiple Documents. Added documents are indexed and stored in a database. When you ask a question about the Document(s), h2oGPTe crawls through the indexed Document(s) in the Collection to find relevant content to answer the question while utilizing the H2O LLM to summarize a concise question response.


To learn how to create a Collection, see Create a Collection.


To add a Document(s) to a Collection, consider the following instructions:

  1. In the h2oGPTe navigation menu, click Collections.

  2. In the Collections table, select the name of the Collection you want to add a Document(s).

  3. Click + Add documents.


    For more information, see Supported File Types.

  4. Depending on the selected Method, consider the following instructions:

    1. In the Choose method list, select Upload documents.
    2. Click Browse....
    3. Upload documents.
    • Toggle the Create short document summaries button to auto-generate a summary of your document.
    • Toggle the Create sample questions for documents button to receive auto-suggested sample questions based on your document.
  5. Click Add.

  • If, after adding a Document(s), you no longer want h2oGPTe to crawl or index (Job) the Document(s), you can terminate the Job. To learn more, see Terminate a job.
  • If you try to add an empty document, the indexing of the files will fail. Overall, the job associated with the collection will fail.
  • To learn how to Chat with a Collection, see Chat with a Collection.