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Version: 1.2.0

Kubernetes Helm charts


Feature Store Helm charts are designed to be a lightweight way to install Feature Store official services. It is the official way to install the services.

Supported configurations

We recommend matching the versions of the Helm chart and the Feature Store you're installing.

The Helm chart which matches this version of Feature Store is available in the kubernetes section of the download page.

Deploying Feature Store with Helm

You have to prepare the values file before running the install command because it is required to configure the deployment. Default values are documented in the Helm values section.

Install Helm charts:

helm install feature-store PATH_TO_DOWNLOADED_CHART --values helm-values.yaml -n K8S_NAMESPACE

The output should look like this:

NAME: feature-store
LAST DEPLOYED: Wed Feb 16 13:52:34 2022
NAMESPACE: fs-local
STATUS: deployed