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Version: 1.2.0


The subsequent processes are used to ensure the correctness of Feature Store deployment.

  1. Deploy Feature Store with Helm
  2. Generate User Personal Access Token
  3. Create Kubernetes Secret
  4. Helm Test

Deploy Feature Store with Helm

Helm is the official way to install the Feature Store services. See Kubernetes Helm Charts for more details.

Generate Personal Access Token

For helm tests execution, the personal access token is required.

From UI

  • Click Create PAT button (at right top corner) Generate Personal Access Token
  • Fill up the fields which requires and click Create button Generate Personal Access Token
  • Copy the token string Generate Personal Access Token

From Python client

token_str = client.auth.pats.generate(name="background_jobs", description="some description", expiry_date="<dd/MM/yyyy>", timezone=None)

Create Kubernetes Secret

Prior to running the Helm Test, the previously created personal access token should be passed as "Kubernetes Secret" within your cluster.

kubectl create secret generic <<secret-name>> --from-literal=<<secret-key-name>>="<<personal-access-token>>"

Based on the helm values that you provided, the secret name and key name should be passed above.

## @param test.userAuthTokenSecret  Kubernetes secret name containing Test User's Personal Access Token used for installer tests
## @param test.userAuthTokenSecretKey Kubernetes secret name key containing Test User's Personal Access Token used for installer tests

Helm Test

helm test will start the test pod in your cluster, which conducts simple installation tests.

helm test <<release-name>> --timeout 15m0s

After a successful test run, this test pod will be deleted in accordance with the deletion policy.