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Version: v0.4.0

Documentation structure and philosophy


The H2O Label Genie documentation is organized into the following main sections:

  • Get started: This section introduces H2O Label Genie.
  • Tutorials: This section offers tutorials on H2O Label Genie.
  • Guide: This section encompasses several subsections:
    • Datasets: This subsection covers datasets in H2O Label Genie.
    • Data exploration: This subsection covers clustering tasks in H2O Label Genie.
    • Annotation tasks: This subsection covers annotation tasks in H2O Label Genie
    • App settings: This subsection covers the application settings of H2O Label Genie.
  • Key terms: This section defines key terms relevant to H2O Label Genie.
  • AI governance: This section discusses how H2O Label Genie can help with AI governance.
  • Release notes: This section discusses the release notes of a particular H2O Label Genie version.
  • Third-party licenses: This section includes all third-party licenses H2O Label Genie utilizes.
  • FAQs: This section answers frequently asked questions about H2O Label Genie.


  • Philosophy of alignment: The documentation for H2O Label Genie is designed to match the product's structure. This means that information in the documentation is organized to align with the features and workflows of H2O Label Genie. Our goal is to make learning the product easy and intuitive for users.

  • Simplicity and modularity principles: Our documentation follows a simple and modular approach. Most pages have two main sections: "Overview" and "Instructions." A page can also have other sections that heavily relate to the page's "Overview" and "Instructions." This makes it easier for users to understand and use H2O Label Genie effectively.