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Version: v0.17.0

Generate a model's insights with a large language model (LLM)


You can generate a model's insights with a large language model (LLM). After defining an LLM source, you can generate insights for a model.

Model insights



By default, H2O Model Validatio utilizes the h2oGPT LLM source to generate insights about a model. To define your own LLM to generate model insights, see Define a large language model (LLM) source.

To generate a model's insights, consider the following instructions:

  1. In the H2O Model Validation navigation menu, click Models.
  2. In the Models table, click the name of the model you want to generate its insights.
  3. Click Insights.

    Right after clicking the Insights button, H2O Model Validation generates and displays the insights of the model.