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Version: v0.15.0

Compare models

You can compare models to understand the similarities and differences between models.


To compare models, consider the following instructions:

  1. In the H2O Model Validation navigation menu, click Models.
  2. Click the Select models toggle.
  3. In the models table, select at least two models to compare.
  4. Click Compare.

    A comparison table and a feature importance chart appear when comparing the selected models. To learn more, see Comparison table and Chart: Feature importance.

Comparison metrics: Models

Comparison table

Column nameDescription
Test nameThe name of the experiment.
Train dataset nameName of the experiment train dataset.
Validation dataset nameName of the experiment validation dataset.
Test dataset nameName of the experiment test dataset.
ScorerThe scorer of the experiment.
Validation scoreExperiment validation score value.
Test scoreExperiment test score value.
AccuracyExperiment accuracy value.
TimeExperiment time value.
InterpretabilityExperiment interpretability value.
TaskExperiment problem type (e.g., regression).
TargetExperiment target column (target feature).
Dropped columns Dropped columns that Driverless AI dropped during the experiment to not use as predictors.

Chart: Feature importance

The feature importance chart displays all the features of the compared models.

  • X-axis: Feature name
  • Y-axis: Gain value (the importance of the feature in the model)