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Version: v0.15.0

Create a Connection

Through a Connection, H2O Model Validation enables you to connect to your Driverless AI instance to access your experiments and datasets. You can later validate experiments and datasets with Supported validation tests.


To create a new Connection to a Driverless AI (DAI) instance, consider the following instructions:

  • H2O Model Validation supports Connections to Driverless AI (DAI) version 1.10.4 or less.
  • Restarting the H2O Model Validation instance removes all created Connections.
  1. In the H2O Model Validation navigation menu, click Connections.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. In the Platform box, select a platform.
  • H2O Model Validation supports Driverless AI as a platform.
  • You can Connect a Driverless AI model from a Driverless AI server or from an instance in Enterprise Steam.
  1. In the Name box, enter a name to identify the Connection.
  2. In the Address box, enter the address of the Driverless AI instance.
  3. In the Username box, enter your Driverless AI username.
  4. In the Password box, enter your Driverless AI password.
  5. If you want to set the new Connection as the Worker, select the Make this Driverless AI instance the default Worker checkbox.
  6. Click Save

The State of the newly created Connection is Connected. To learn about the different states a Connection can be in, see Connection tates.

Connection states

As follows, a list of possible states a Connection can be in:

  • Connected
    • The Connection to the specified platform is stable.
  • MissingCredentials
    • The Connection to the specified platform requires reinstating the platform's credentials.

      To learn how to reinstate a Connection's credentials, see Add a Connection's credentials.

  • Unreachable
    • The Connection to the specified platform is not reachable for a particular reason (for example, expired personal access token).