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API Guidelines

Common Methods

  • create: create a new object on DAI server.
  • list: get list of existing objects.
  • get: use a unique ID to retrieve an object.
  • gui: web address string.


  • dai.datasets.create('example.csv', data_source='upload')dataset object
  • dai.datasets.list()list of datasets objects
  • dai.datasets.get(key)dataset object
  • dai.datasets.gui() → web address

Common Server Object Methods

  • delete: delete object from DAI server.
  • status: get job status.
  • download: either download object directly to csv, or specify item to download with argument.
  • key: unique ID.
  • name: descriptive name.

Blocking Function for async Methods

.result(): waits for job to complete and returns interactive server object(s) from any function that launches a job.


  • dai.experiments.create_async(...).result()
  • dataset.split_async(...).result()
  • model.transform_async(...).result()